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Ask any entrepreneur or a rock star employee. They have one thing in common. They browse the biographies of individuals World. Health Organization has walked before North American country, and were kind enough to share their lives through books.

But why read biographies?

Because all the teachings you can’t learn solely by your life expertise. And these folks that have written/helped writing these books on their lives wish to share what they need to be learned on the means. Our job is to choose up the teachings and apply.

1. The Life You Save May Be Your Own by  An American Pilgrimage

In the mid-twentieth century, four yank Catholics came to believe that the most effective thanks to exploring the queries of spiritual religion were to jot down regarding them in works that readers of all kinds could admire. The Life You Save is also Your Own is their story vivid. And also an attractive account of nice writers and their power over North American country.

2.Eisenhower in War and Peace by Edward Smith  Jean

I failed to absolutely appreciate what a strategic and political genius Eisenhower was till this book. He won WWII, ended Korea, kept us (mostly) out of Vietnam. Twice prevented the use of nuclear weapons (which sent a world-changing precedent). And those are the big ones in the book. He was a master of creating it all look easy which is why I believe we tend to forget to check him.

3. John Adams by David McCullough

In this authoritative, epic level, David McCullough describes the courageous life-journey of John Adams, the brilliant, fiercely independent, often irascible, always honest Yankee patriot  ‘the colossus of independence,’ as Thomas Jefferson called him.

4.The Fish That Greek deity the Whale: The Life and Times of America’s Banana King by wealthy Cohen

The book sucked me in completely. The subject, Samuel Zemurray, is fascinating and compelling. The writer has a voice that is utterly unique. Since reading this book, I actually have explored all of this further: I studied Zemurray (whose house wasn’t off from mine in the port of entry and still stands) and use his story in my latest book The Obstacle is that the means. I interviewed the author, Rich Cohen. The book has all sorts of things going for it: it’s the American Dream, it’s history via microcosm, it’s drama/violence/intrigue, and it’s a course in business strategy and leadership.

5. The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon by David Grann

After overwhelming upon a concealed treasure accumulated a wealth of diaries, New Yorker writer David Grann set out to solve ‘the paramount exploration mystery of the 20th century’ What happened to the British explorer Percy Fawcett & his quest after the Lost town of Z?

6. Cyropaedia (a more accessible translation can be found in Xenophon’s Cyrus The Great: The Arts of Leadership and War) by Xenophon

Xenophon, like Plato, was a student of Socrates. For no matter reason, his work is not nearly as famous, even though it is far more applicable. Unlike philosopher, Xenophon studied people. His greatest book is about the latter, it’s the best biography written of Cyrus the Great (aka the father of human rights). There area unit such a big amount of nice lessons in here and that I want a lot of individuals would browse it. Machiavelli well-educated them, as this book encouraged The Prince.

7. The Lady and the Peacock: The Life of Aung San Suu Kyi, By Peter Popham

Peter Popham fascinates upon up to that time untouched testimony and modern revelations to tell the story of a woman whose bravery and determination have captivated people around the globe. Celebrated today as one of the world’s greatest exponents of non-violent political defiance since Mahatma Gandhi, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize only four years after her first experience of politics.

8. The Kid Stays In The Picture: A Notorious Life by Robert Evans

One of the primary books I browse after I started operating in Hollywood was Henry Martyn Robert Evans’ classic the child Stays within the image (It’s conjointly an excellent documentary). Evans is nuts.

I’m undecided what quantity there’s to be told from the story however it’s a desirable life story–better than fiction. I think it shows you the way hustle and promotion and warmth contribute to success. And that religion in yourself deserved or not goes a protracted means.

9. Thurgood Marshall: American Revolutionary by Juan Williams

Thurgood Marshall stands nowadays because the nice designer of Yankee race relations, having expanded the foundation of individual rights for all Americans. His victory in the Brown v. Board of Education decision in 1954, the landmark Supreme Court case outlawing school segregation and would have him a historic figure even if he had not gone on to become the first African-American appointed to the Supreme Court.

10. Hurricane: The Life of Rubin Carter, Fighter by James S. Hirsch

Hurricane Carter’s story is a few men World Health Organization refused to be in jail. There are great parallels to his personal struggles. To maintain the sovereignty of self amidst awful circumstances and the lessons of Stoicism.


How he refused to sue the government after his wrongful conviction was overturned because it’d be saying that they’d taken something from him.And that he was still dependent on them which even after decades in prison he refused to resign himself to accept.

so, which one you already read, which is not. Feel free to share with me in the comment box.

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