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Save money on your gas and electricity bills | Save Money on Your Energy Bill

Save money on your gas and electricity bills | Save Money on Your Energy Bill

This article will help you lower your gas and electricity bills. Energy bills can be costly, but there are little things you can do to have your costs as low as possible.  There are a few ways to cut your energy consumption and ways to fee less for the energy you do use.

Save money on your gas and electricity bills | Save Money on Your Energy Bill

Make your home more eco-friendly:

Well, insulation, a new boiler, solar panels, There are lots of options out there which could benefit you save up to £250 per year.


Shifting energy supplier is easy and can knock hundreds of pounds off your energy bills. It doesn’t a problem if you rent or own your home, as long as you pay for your individual gas and/or electricity, you should be able to switch. If your property-owner pays for your energy, they have the right to choose the supplier. Some tenancy settlements may have clauses about switching, but if you pay for your energy, you should be able to decide who to get gas or electricity from.

  • If you have a prepayment meter you should be able to switch too, even if your accounts have negative balances of up to £500 for electricity and £500 for gas.
  • Or you’re not on a prepayment meter, you’ll want to pay the balance before switching.
  • Or the stability is being billed to you even though it’s your supplier’s fault as part of Energy back billing, you don’t need to pay.

Try to use less energy:

It sounds observable, but the less energy you use the lesser your bills will be. There are quite of tips and tricks you can use to cut your consumption. We’ve listed some below.

  • Using your heating reins effectively such as radiator valves and timers, thermostats- you could save over £100 a year by only heating your home and water when you need it.
  • Turn dejected your thermostat just reducing it by 1°C could cut 10% off your heating bill.
  • When you leave a room turns off the lights.
  • Tumble dryer, Fill up your washing machine and dishwasher – one full load uses less energy than two half loads. Launder your clothes at 30ºC and don’t use the tumble dryer if you can escape it.
  • Making a cup of tea? Just boil enough for a cup of tea. Don’t boil extra water than you need.
  • Use energy-saving light bulbs -They most recent up to 10 times longer than normal bulbs and don’t cost much more.

You’ll catch it easier to reduce your bills if you keep track of how much energy you’re using. You can also look at your maximum recent energy bill to see how much energy you consumed in the period the bill covers. You can then equate it to the previous bill you received.

Get a smart meter:

A smart meter is a digital display that lets you keep track of how far energy you’re using, which will help you less use. It can also refer data about your usage to your energy supplier to make sure you get accurate energy bills.

Save money on your gas and electricity bills | Save Money on Your Energy Bill

Renewable technologies:

If your head’s hurting next calculating the outlay and benefit considerations of a new boiler, central heating, and windows, you can want to take a break before thinking about various of the renewable technology options out there. Things to consider

  • Solar panels
  • Solar water heating
  • Ground-source pumps
  • Wood-fuelled heating
  • Wind turbines
  • Air-source pumps

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