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Things You Should Keep in Mind Throughout Divorce | Things You Should Never Do During Divorce


Often during breakdowns in relationships, parents will include their children as ‘pawns’ in the trial. Judges commonly see this in cases before them and can often tell when parents motives are honorable or in the children’s greatest interests.  Don’t ever get to the point that seeing your children is extra painful than not seeing them. If you are a non-custodial parent and are allocating with such pain then suck it up. The long-term concerns and negative impact of not having their parent in their lives outweigh the sensitive pain you feel. Never decline to visit and spend time with your children. Again, Judges and Family Dispute Perseverance Practitioners regularly see this and it is highly discouraged.


During a divorce, many people think it is finest to tell their lawyer only half of the story so they sound or stare better. If the lawyer does not know the complete story or have all the facts in front of them, there can be bad consequences which can prevail down the track. It is often the occasion where these lies come back to haunt the party who is lying. It is key to understand that the lawyer you hire is acting for you and trying to get you the greatest outcome, and it is very hard for them if they do not know the full picture.

Don’t sleep with your attorney:

It’s easy to get close to the one soul who is on your side. But it’s also a big fault. This seems like a no-brainer, but it occurs. Not only is it illegal in many states, but your lawyer also can’t represent you adequately if there is an individual relationship getting in the way. And if you’re not getting satisfactory representation, then what just are you paying for? Some states prohibit all sexual movement between an attorney and client. In either case, sleeping with your attorney can compromise your attorney-client communications because you may be thrilled with adultery for the infidelity.


When you are going through a divorce it is very significant to have friends and family to support you. However, it is important to recall that this is your life and ultimately you need to make decisions that will touch how you and your children will move forward in the future. Just remember that they do not have to aware of the consequences of the decisions that are made.

Don’t make unreasonable demands:

Often, what you want and what you are allowed to are two different things. Is important to listen to your lawyer’s guidance on what they think a reasonable expectation is. There is nil wrong with asking for a lot and refusing to give in, as long as you are reasonable. However, unreasonable demands can upset the judge and your spouse, which can delay the divorce, increase your legal fees, and harm your credibility before the court.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Take Over:

If your spouse has left and funneled for a divorce it is time for you to take action. Don’t sit and cry in your beer wanting they will come back. Get yourself a lawyer and do what you need to do to defend yourself legally. There will be quite a time for crying in your beer later. If your spouse changes his/her mind they are going to come back, no problem what actions you take. If they don’t come back at least you will have secure yourself and will, more than likely have money to purchase all that beer you will be crying in.

Avoid Assigning Blame:

Blame anyone else to feel disgrace just because you are experiencing a bad feeling is unacceptable. Divorce hurts, always hurts all involved. Be as conscientious to the moods of others as you are to your own feelings. To think you have domination on hurt feelings that you are the only victim of your divorce and have the correct to turn your back on others owed to that is a narcissistic trait. Do whatever you must to do to keep your emotional pain from turning you into a rampant narcissist.


An unforgiving heart is the biggest complication to moving passed divorce and onto a rich and fulfilling life. If you can’t forgive you will never be able to do anything but make do and suffer the consequences. Once the agreements are ironed out and the papers are signed, if you still feel the need to express yourself, you can always sit down to dish up the dirt in your tell-all memoir.

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I’ve assumed the information on how to defend your legal interest, how to cope with divorce and how to move onto a fresh life and new relationship after a divorce.

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